The metal music we perform comes from the fascination with distinctive means of expression in art and we interpret it our very own way. Our rebellion and objection to the establishment flows through our music and mother tongue lyrics. Our path has not been written, we constantly create new sounds you will hear in the comming concerts.
Upcoming Gigs 2023
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25.03 KUTNO
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The Dark Legacy is the second long play in the band's discography, perfectly illustrating the path that the beast called Infernal Bizarre traveled with its head held high. Thus sealing the pact with dark powers via vomiting dirty sounds recorded live with the entire mystery performed by the five from Łowicz city. LP “Dark Legacy” - Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg/Satanic Studio in Santa Studio, 1-3 Feb 2022. Front cover painting “The Somnambulist” by Devinez. Layout Marcin “St. Chaos” Studziński

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The Long Play Album titled Medium has been released on Jan 2019. The recording consists of 8 tracks, in total 40 minutes of death and thrash metal music. It can be considered as best of Infernal Bizarre of past few years. Recordings has been made 7-9 May and 6-9 August 2018 in JNS Studio in Warsaw.

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Infernal Night

We promote metal music by organising the Infernal Night open-air metal festival in the summer.

The following bands played at Infernal Night so far:

Abathor, Cornada, Devonation, Heresyer, Maggoth, Mateusz Jagiełło, Minetaur, Morr, Ohayo, Outsane, R.O.D, Shame yourself, Steel habit, Square Moon, Traces To Nowhere, Wostok, Defying, Arcane Dust, Straight Hate, Trauma, Odi Profanum Vulgus, Sauron, Embrional, Imperator, Sickroom, F.A.M., Pandemonium, Frantic Beth, Crippling Madness, HellFuck, Calm Hatchery.

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